Day 197… Stuff My Peppers

    It sometimes amazes me what you can stuff inside a pepper.  Peppers are pretty darn good themselves.  Most people probably don't think so.  Others would rather have a carrot or piece of celery dipped in ranch.  Not me, though.  A nice, crisp pepper is where it's at.  I am a complete meat-a-terian but … Continue reading Day 197… Stuff My Peppers

Day 96… TGIGBS (Late)

Thank God it's green bean spaghetti.  I mean, who would have known how delicious this simple meal could be.  Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not big on noodles.  I am not a carb junkie like so many other people say they are.  I love my pizza, I can dig some bread, down with … Continue reading Day 96… TGIGBS (Late)