Week 7 – Day 2: Doccin’ It Up!

Yesterday was doctor day. I had a follow-up on my shoulder and figured I'd schedule some time to see a "regular" doctor and do a yearly checkup. I haven't had a primary care provider so I figured it was a good time to get one of those, plus I need to check to see if … Continue reading Week 7 – Day 2: Doccin’ It Up!

Day 108… Old Man Dyer

Well, as promised I made an appointment, left work early and went to the doctor.  While news could have been worse, it also could have been better.  Apparently the disc between my L5 vertebrae and the sacrum is compressed to near nothingness.  I wish I had a picture of the x-ray because it's pretty crazy.  … Continue reading Day 108… Old Man Dyer

Day 107… No Pain, No… Pain?

So the blog for Wednesday was originally going to be this feel-good story with nothing bringing me down, but then "late last night" had to roll around and just ruin everything.  First with the good news... I woke up on Wednesday and did my normal things, getting ready for work and getting my food together, … Continue reading Day 107… No Pain, No… Pain?