I had every intention of just abusing Sunday completely… and I did in a way, but I also decided to at least do a few things I had planned on doing.  Tomorrow’s another day and all that.  I did eat terribly for the day as I have for a while, but I also made sure to get all my steps in.  I was just going to be lazy (it is my rest day after all) but as it got closer to bedtime, I realized I wasn’t that far off and I may as well just finish it off.

We went shopping, then went and saw Zombieland 2.  I enjoy the movies but after re-watching the first and seeing this one, I realize that they really aren’t that good.  They do have some of the dry humor that I enjoy, but for some reason I remember the first being funnier than it was the second time around.  Definitely worth it if you like zombie movies, wry humor, gore, Woody Harrelson or Emma Stone.

So Monday brings a new day… I know I have said this a few times during this project, but I need to make these changes to really see the change in my body.  I can’t workout like I used to, so I really need to focus on what I am eating.

Time to do it!


Exercise Reps/Time/Notes
Active Time 77 minutes
Eating/Tracking Didn’t track and over-ate
Steps 10,104
250+ Steps Per Hour 7 out of 14
Sobriety 117 days

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