Sorry for the delay…

I was kind of hoping that stress was over for a while, but it looks like that’s not happening. Tuesday was a pretty stressful day at work, and it didn’t even stop at night when I got home. The rest of the week may be pretty stressful, and next week also. I am just guessing it is going to be stressful til the end of the year, then maybe it’ll slow down.

Stress usually brings something bad out of me. Used to be drinking… now I guess it’s food. I do talk to my friends, my wife, and those around me, but sometimes that can only do so much. The gym only does so much… sometimes it doesn’t add up and food becomes my go-to. I did okay Tuesday… actually was sorta planning on just pigging out, but I got full quickly and ended up having a good day calorie-wise.

I had a great workout in the morning, all upper body while avoiding issues with the shoulder.  I got a lot of walking in and had a relatively good day as far as that goes, but exercise was really the only thing I did well on Tuesday…


Exercise Reps Volume/Time
21s Curls** 21×25/21×25/21×25/21×25/21×25 2,625 pounds total
One Armed Tricep Press** 10×30/10×30/10×30/10×30/10×30 1,500 pounds total
Spider Curls** 12×20/12×20/12×20/12×20/11×20 1,180 pounds total
Tricep Extensions 10×60/10×60/10×60/10×60/10×60 3,000 pounds total
Preacher Curls 6×60/7×60/6×60/6×60/6×60 1,860 pounds total
Incline Walk 6% grade @ 2.5 mph 40 minutes
Eating/Tracking Tracked and almost overate… but didn’t
Steps 15,549
250+ Steps Per Hour 13 out of 14
Sobriety 112 days

** Denotes weight per hand

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