As I mentioned last week, I was wanting to see if I could break my deadlift goal on the trap bar. I figured instead of going through the week and possibly being tired and sore on Friday, I would do it on Monday when I was well rested and fed after the weekend. And it was the right choice. I was able to come in and warm up with a few lighter lifts and beat my deadlift goal with a lift of 455 pounds! I know that isn’t squat compared to many people but it was still big for me, especially after not being able to really lift for a few months.

I finished out the morning with a few leg exercises including doing a “run the rack (RTR) style where I go lighter but with no rest… and then went about the rest of my day. I got in plenty of steps, had an amazing day at work (especially compared to last week) and a relaxing evening. I did eat a tad bit more than I had planned, but the scale didn’t seem to be too upset at me, so I don’t feel too bad.

I am hoping sometime in the next few weeks to try to break my squat goal. I know my legs have been all I have been working on so I am hoping it is something that I can do, but my back sometimes doesn’t let me push that hard, we’ll have to see. Then I will just have to hope I can beat the bench press goal next year once I am fully healed.

I am glad I set these goals for myself. So far out of the six goals I set for 2019, I have beaten four of them. Not too shabby.

Exercise Reps Volume/Time
Deadlift 5×225/3×365/1×455 (New PR) 2,675 pounds total
Leg Extensions 10×100/10×110/10×120 (RTR) 10×80/5×70/6×60/5×50 5,060 pounds total
Leg Curls 10×100/10×110/10×120/ (RTR) 10×80/8×70/7×60/10×50 5,580 pounds total
Landmine Squat Press 10×45/10×55/10×65 1,650 pounds total
Incline walk 8.5% 10 min @ 2.5 mph
Eating/Tracking Tracked everything and stayed in my limits but had extra
Steps 12,124
250+ Steps Per Hour 12 out of 14
Sobriety 111 days

** Denotes weight per hand

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