Okay, I will commit to this being the last time that I complain about my feet. It doesn’t do any good to complain and it obviously isn’t going to get better (at least complaining won’t help any) so I am just going to mention it one last time.  I have foot pain, I have done all I can stretching, icing, heating, massaging, resting, etc. to make them better and not much seems to help.  So I am just going to keep doing that and push through.

That said, Monday was my first day back at the gym in over a week.  I did some lower body exercises (in other news, my shoulder is feeling better with a bit less pain despite me using it more) and a bit of jogging just to see how things went, and it all went rather well.  My feet didn’t hurt while I was jogging, but once I got to where I was rested and relaxed and sitting, the pain would kick in as soon as I stood up.  I guess that’s what I will have to get used to.

Also, I ate a lot better, avoiding pigging out and eating far too much food and things that I didn’t need.  I got plenty of steps, plenty of water, not as much coffee as usual and not even as much diet soda as usual.  So it was a good comeback day for sure.  Now to just keep it going forward.


Exercise Reps Volume/Time
Squats 10×110/10×160/10×180/10×200/6×220 7,820 pounds total
Calf Press (2 sec. TUT) 10×500/10×500/10×500 15,000 pounds total
Leg Curls 10×90/10×90/10×90 2,700 pounds total
Jogging 5 mph 10 minutes
Eating/Tracking Tracked everything and stayed in my limits
Steps 15,241
250+ Steps Per Hour 12 out of 14
Sobriety 104 days

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