Once a month – usually on a Sunday – Pokemon Go has a community day where a certain Pokemon will show up much more often than usual for three hours.  My son FINALLY started getting into Pokemon and I told him I’d take him out to catch the little Turtwig during the event.  So after I got up and did some yard work, I took him out and we walked around a park catching Turtwig and spinning Pokestops until we both decided we were too hot.  We then went to the mall (which is closed on Sunday) and drove around to finish catching some more.  I do enjoy it even though it really is sort of a pointless game.

After that, my wife and I went shopping and then we watched the Broncos game.  I’ve been a Broncos fan since I can remember and always will be, but man… they have not looked good since Peyton Manning retired.  Yesterday ended up being a really good game but not the ending I was hoping for.  I really hope that they start improving but the offensive line is just terrible… a large part to that man below.


What’s even worse is he went to high school and college in my home state and now is on my favorite team, but has been one of the most penalized linemen since he started.

Anyway, after that we just relaxed and enjoyed the afternoon.  I got stuff ready for work and mentally prepared for another week of it.  I got in my steps, did well with food even though I enjoyed things I “shouldn’t” enjoy and had a pretty good Sunday overall.


Exercise Info Volume/Time
Active Time Yard work and shopping 76 minutes
Other Goals Notes
Eating/Tracking Tracked it all; stayed in calories
Steps 10,328
250+ Steps Per Hour 8 out of 14
Sobriety 82 days


One thought on “Week 11 – Day 7: Turtwig!

  1. Honestly, if you enjoy it, it isn’t pointless 🙂
    I have heard loads of people criticizing Pokemon Go, but quite honestly I think it is brilliant 🙂 It gets people out and about and doing things and so what if it is virtual stuff, it is fun! People who don’t like it need to shut up, noone is forcing them to play it…

    sorry that was a little bit more of a rant than I intended…

    When you analyse games/sports, most of them are actually pretty pointless really but people enjoy them 🙂

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