So I feel that I complain a lot on this blog.  And I probably do, that is partially the point.  Vent my frustrations and problems here so I don’t have to vent them anywhere else.  Gives me a sounding board of sorts.  But I feel that due to my feet and shoulder, it has become a constant thing.  That isn’t about to change now.

Because I decided to run on Friday, my feet have reverted back to super painful and sensitive.  At this point, I am not sure what to do other than to take weeks off instead of a single week.  And I really don’t want to do that.  I am so far behind in building up my endurance, stamina and strength that it isn’t even funny.  I have races I signed up for at the latter part of the year and early next year and I need to train for them.  But I also can’t do them if my feet are in so much pain that I can’t run.

I guess I am going to have to stick to using the elliptical for full-time for now.  At least until I can get past the 6 weeks I have to wait to start weight lifting (if the doctor lets me).  And if they don’t get any better, I will have to bite the bullet and go to the doctor and find out if there is anything I should do.  I am sure it will end up with “rest, go to PT, stretch it, stop running…” all of the things (minus PT) I am already going to do.

Other than being frustrated at my situation, and trying to make the best of it, Saturday was a good day.  I went to the temporary rec center (they have demolished the old one and are building a new one in its place) and used the elliptical for an hour and had a really good workout.  We then went and saw the movie Blinded By the Light which was pretty good, and then went to Rodizio Grill for another BOGO birthday dinner.  After that, we watched some television and went to bed.  I did eat a bit more than I had planned but I am not going to scold myself too much for it.  I tracked it as best I could and enjoyed every bite.

Sunday will be shopping and relaxing after doing a little yard work.  And then a lot of attention will be paid to my feet.


Exercise Info Volume/Time
Elliptical Hill Climb mode 4.40 miles @ 1:00:00
Other Goals Notes
Eating/Tracking Did the best I could, but overdid it
Steps 10,974
250+ Steps Per Hour 5 out of 14
Sobriety 81 days


4 thoughts on “Week 11 – Day 6: *Deep Breath*

  1. The problem with PF is it seems to lurk in the background, once you have it…

    This doesn’t mean it will stop you runnign though, once you have won the battle of the correct shoes that will help…Also calf and Achilles stretches will really help.
    Have you looked into the wierd sleeping boot things, they hold your foot in a flexed position and stop your foot/ankle/calf tightening up overnight. I found that one really helped me!

    I went to the doctors with mine and they were not super helpful…
    I got anti-inflamatorys and told “sometimes these things just happen…”

    1. Yeah, I got some PF socks and they seem to help, but even when my feet feel better, as soon as I run once they hurt again 😦

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