Seriously, what made me think that changing my running style would be a good thing?  I ran for years and had zero issues with my feet.  Sure, I had my fair share of ankle issues (thanks to breaking my ankle as a teenager) and knee issues (thanks to being old and fat) and achilles issues (thanks to tossing and turning in my sleep) but my feet were really never a problem.  Then I decide to change one thing, just try it out, and my feet seem like they will permanently be damaged.

In reality, I think it is because of the timing that this is all worse.  Prior to my shoulder surgery, I could have easily just spent time lifting and doing various HIIT with weights to let my feet get a good amount of rest without just doing nothing.  But now – unless I want to only exercise half of my body – I don’t have that option.  I can’t NOT exercise, and I can’t fully exercise due to both of these problems.


So Wednesday’s workout was on the elliptical again.  It is a really boring machine in my opinion but it seems to work fairly well as long as you don’t just set it to level one and move like you’re on a Sunday stroll.  I did the Hill Climb mode which had a lot of higher step type of movement and tried to keep it at a higher speed the entire hour.  Half the time was peddling backwards which is a whole different ballgame.

Other than that, I got plenty of steps in, ate some leftover food from my birthday dinner, got a lot done at work and watched the semi-finals of AGT with my wife (yes, I am a nerd, whatever).

Thursday I plan on doing some different lifts but I may not be able to do a lot.  The doctor says I shouldn’t, and I ALWAYS* do what the doctor says.



Exercise Info Volume/Time
Elliptical “Hill Climb” mode 5.5 miles @ 1:05:00
Other Goals Notes
Eating/Tracking Nice and perfect
Steps 18,762
250+ Steps Per Hour 13 out of 14
Sobriety 78 days


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