…And I’ll eat what I want to!

Okay, so not really.  Yesterday was my 39th birthday, but I was actually fairly good about it.  I did make myself a nice chocolate chip frappucinno at home (instead of spending $5 on one at Starbucks) and enjoyed my day, but I didn’t do too terribly.  Especially because I almost talked myself into going out for lunch.

My mother-in-law made some delicious chicken fried steaks with mashed potatoes, almond green beans, some sort of zucchini dish that was amazing and a perfect carrot cake.  It was a great birthday and an awesome dinner.

I don’t tend to celebrate my birthday much.   I don’t tell people at work, I don’t go out and party or do anything special really.  It is just another day to me.  I don’t really want presents (although I think I may use some of the gift money I got to buy some exercise equipment I’ve been meaning to upgrade) and would just prefer to pretend it didn’t happen.  But I do love those in my family who do choose to celebrate it.

Other than having my birthday dinner, I took my son out to play a little Pokemon Go, played some League of Legends and watched some television.  I was actually going to do some yard work but it started raining and and do not feel like doing that kind of work in the mud.

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