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So I have been using a meal replacement called Huel for quite a while now (off and on, of course).  Lately I have been using it as a shake with some fruit because I ordered a bunch of Berry flavor.  In the past I would actually make it into waffles.  Well, I decided to do it again today and forgot just how much food comes from a small serving of Huel.  With my normal serving size, I was able to get 8 full squares of waffles.  And man were they good.

That is one thing I think people don’t do enough sometimes, especially when trying to eat healthy… experiment!  I didn’t see any recipes for waffles, I just thought to myself “I wonder if I can make a waffle out of this” and gave it a try and it was awesome.  Much better than a shake or smoothie.  That, and I can use the waffles for bread and make sandwiches out of them if I want to.

Other than excitement over waffles, not much else happened today.  I worked, had to roll code out (and had some issues with that, but nothing major) and then went home, ate my waffles, watches some television with my wife and played League of Legends with some of my friends.


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