This is definitely not what I had planned when I started this project.  I wanted to push myself for one straight year and see what kind of change I could make to my body.  However, the past few weeks have been horrible when it comes to my feet.  Just when I think things might be getting a little better, they end up getting worse.  So I am going to actually take a complete break from exercising and walking as much as I have been.  I won’t be getting up early and going to the gym, I won’t be running on the weekends or any other time, and I will only be walking when I need to (which probably will consist of walking with my friends sometimes) but I will not be working on a majority of the goals I set for this project.

I am hoping that after this week, things will go back to normal and I can exercise, run, walk and do everything else I plan on doing.  If not, I may have to go to the doctor to actually see what I can do about my feet.

This does not mean I am falling off the train.  I am going to keep eating what I should be eating and tracking it all (in fact, I have to be even more careful since I am burning fewer calories with no exercise), avoiding alcohol and doing what I can to take care of myself.

I will probably be posting daily still but there may not be a lot to talk about.  I am not going to worry about posting my goals because for the most part I know where most of those are going to end up.

But I am not going anywhere but up!

One thought on “Week 10: Day 1 – Taking a Break

  1. As a plantar faciitis aficionado I understand completely! Don’t end up on crutches like i did!!

    I recommend some for of yoga that stretches out your legs, it will help your feet and keep you active…I do it at home with the Yoga with Adriene videos. I find there is nearly always a video that I can manage and it helps when I have to take a break from what I normally do 🙂

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