Yes, Earl, you did. And you are going to own up to it. And you are now going to stop talking in first person. Yesterday was the first time in almost nine full weeks that I ate horribly. It just was a “bad” day overall when it came to food. I needed to eat early so I could get my pill taken, then we went to lunch as a team, then my wife and I switched to having our date on Friday instead of Saturday because she is going to a pool party (ick, water and sun) and I am going to a fantasy football draft party. So Friday was just all about the food.

The good news is that I attempted to track it. Thefirst bit of bad news is I have up part of the way through As I said from the beginning, “If I go over my calories, I go over my calories (though the goal is to NOT go over my calories as much as possible)” but I’m disappointed in just completely abandoning ship. But it’s okay! It’s going to happen to most people. I mean, I am sure that there are those out there who never do (my mother probably hasn’t since she started being healthier) but it is bound to happen now and again, and I fully accept it.

The good news is that I am not going to let this dissuade me from continuing this project, nor am I going to abuse it and just pig out for a while as much as I really want to. I am simply going to take Friday as a lesson and learn from it and move on. I know for sure that I need to continue with my intermittent fasting while (a) getting some food in me early to take my pill and (b) getting some food in me shortly after exercising. I think I may go to a format where I eat breakfast and dinner, but don’t eat the rest of the day. When I am eating constantly, I tend to just overdo it because I cant stand eating tiny meals.

Exercise Reps Volume/Time
Squats 48 total reps 6,175 Pounds
Banded Hip Thrusts 28 total reps 1,420 Pounds
Stiff-Legged Deadlifts 28 total reps 2,560 Pounds
Banded Laterals 2×10 Black Band
Elliptical “Fat Burn” Mode 25 total minutes
Other Goals Notes
Eating/Tracking I tried (and had LOTS)
Steps 14,827
250+ Steps Per Hour 14 out of 14
Sobriety 66 days

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