Here’s the recap for week 8 of my Project 7×52!

Exercise: A
I exercised for all 7 days last week although I didn’t do as much running because of my foot pain.  I am going to try to get back into lifting a little bit this coming week and hopefully can move on from there.

Steps: A
I got over 10,000 steps every day and totaled 107,375 for the week (about 4,000 fewer steps than the previous week) which is an average of 15339 steps per day.  I am not too surprised it is a bit lower for the week with Sunday being spent cooking and less running, but still good overall.

250+ Steps Per Hour: A
I averaged 12 hours per day with 250+ steps again this week.  Not bad considering the foot pain.

Food Tracking: B+
I think it was a great week overall but Braza Grill is always tough to track.  I had planned to eat something delicious for lunch that day, then go to dinner with my wife for our date, but skipped out on lunch since I knew I would eat extra.  I think I was still well within my calories and the scale seems to agree with me, but when my goal is to accurately track, I gotta ding myself for not being perfect.

Overall grade:


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