My wife and I alternate who decides what to do for our dates every weekend. When it comes to the non-eating part of the date, we pretty much stick to movies because we have a pass with AMC and there’s no reason to spend extra money doing something else unless there’s something coming along that we really want to do. This weekend, my wife got to choose where we ate and she chose Braza Grill which is one of our favorite places.

We don’t eat there very often and we never pay full price. As much as we love the place, it can be very expensive and also end up being a ton of calories. Yesterday we had a 25% off coupon as well as a $25 gift certificate so it was a pretty good price. And both of us were shocked at how little we ate compared to a few months ago.

We also went and saw the movie Ready or Not. It was an okay movie for being a dark humor gorefest, but it won’t be winning any awards.

Other than spending that fun time with my wife, I did go and do some running and various exercises at the park and completely regret it. My feet are absolutely killing me now and I actually ordered some inserts for my shoes to see if they will help. This coming week I will definitely be spending a lot of time not running so hopefully I can get some good exercise in.

Exercise Reps/Distance
Tabata HIIT and running
Incline walking
Other Goals Notes
Eating/Tracking Tracked
Steps 14,800
250+ Steps Per Hour 9 out of 14
Sobriety 60 days in a row

3 thoughts on “Week 8 – Day 6: Brazilian

    1. I did, actually. I actually tried to run differently and I think I messed things up. These things I am wearing on my feet are making a world of difference right now.

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