Diet Dr. Pepper. It seriously is some of the best tasting chemicals on the planet. I used to be a Diet Pepsi fan, drank it as a teenager and adult (with some Mountain Dew mixed in here and there) until they changed the recipe from aspartame to sucralose. From that point on, I only drank it when I had no other option.

I started drinking it again and that first taste was like heaven. I know, water is so much healthier, and I will continue to drink it, but I will enjoy the change I chose to make.

On top of that, Friday was just an all around great day. I had a good workout on the elliptical doing some sprint intervals, had a very good day at work and came home to enjoy the weekend. Watched The Hateful Eight with my wife and capped the night off in our cozy bed.

I’m looking forward to resting my feet up some during next week and hopefully integrating weights back into my routine in a week or two. Until then, Viva la weekend!

Exercise Reps/Distance
Elliptical HIIT Sprints
Incline walking
2.39 Miles @ 30:00
8% grade @ 30:00
Other Goals Notes
Eating/Tracking Tracked
Steps 14,938
250+ Steps Per Hour 13 out of 14
Sobriety 59 days in a row

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