No, not really.  I haven’t been in a real fight in a very, very long time.  Which is probably a good thing.  I’m old, I’m big, and people my age tend to go to jail for those type of things.  This is about my new handy-dandy desk at work that was installed on Wednesday during my lunch break.  I had one in the past due to a compressed disc, but when we moved seats, I didn’t bother to have them move it with me.  I regretted that the entire time I have been dealing with my post-surgery shoulder as well as a few times when my back has acted up.  So I talked to my boss and he happily signed off on getting me a new one.  These are great for adjusting how I want to sit easier as well as standing more often during work.

Wednesday I decided to do the elliptical because my heel has been bothering me.  So that is what I did for my exercise along with my usual walking around.  I did some intervals so it would fluctuate between higher intensity and lower intensity as well as tell me to push with my arms vs. using my legs, or even going backwards.  So that was a little more enjoyable than I expected.

Other than that, nothing too exciting happened, though I think I am going to make two executive changes to my project.  One is not a big deal when it comes to my goals, the other one is because it goes directly against one of my goals.  But I can allow myself a single executive change!  Right?  Regardless, the thoughts are in the works and changes may be coming.  After all, if I am not known for changing my mind a lot, I’m known for nothing!


Exercise Reps/Distance
Elliptical Intervals for 4.21 Miles @ 60:00
Other Goals Notes
Eating/Tracking Tracked
Steps 18,567
250+ Steps Per Hour 14 out of 14
Sobriety 57 days in a row
Liquid Intake Decaf coffee and zero calorie flavored water


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