It seems that my body wants to keep rebelling against me. First there was back pain, leg pain, shoulder pain, shoulder surgery, more leg pain… and now I think I’ve developed plantar fasciitis. In both feet no less. I think it was from my adventure trying to “run correctly” where I was running closer to the balls of my feet than my heels. I must have stretched out those muscles that aren’t used to being used so much (not to mention my weight not being helpful) and caused some issues. I thought it would go away quickly, but I am at the end of a week with it not subsiding. So I can’t lift because of my surgery and now I may not be able to run for a while. Thanks, body.

Though as I was bitching to myself about it yesterday, I started thinking about a lot of the pages I follow on Facebook (I am not cool enough for Instagram, yet). I follow paraplegics who still lift weights, amputees who compete in triathlons, and pages that show inspirational people who can deadlift more than I can despite having cerebral palsy and other issues. People like Edgard John-Augustin who lost both of his legs in a car crash and Melissa Stockwell who lost her leg due to an IED in Iraq. They continue – despite losing limbs – to push through and better themselves. And here I am complaining about plantar fasciitis and a little shoulder scope.

That doesn’t mean that my pain isn’t real. It is just something that needs to be put in perspective. I may not be able to lift and run for a while if things pan out that way, but it seems like that is no excuse to get down on my luck or feel pity for myself. Stuff happens, it’s all about how you come out in the end.

In some good news about my body, I completely took advantage of my Free Day yesterday with the pizza buffet. I enjoyed quite a bit of food, though a lot less than I would have in the past, and even ate some plums, jerky and a cookie last night. Well, I woke up this morning and the scale STILL went down. So how’s that for a free day? Maybe it was eating a little less the other days to make up for it, maybe it was all the exercise I’ve been pushing through despite the pain, or maybe it is just fluctuations and on Monday I will be up four pounds. Guess we’ll find out. For now I am happy.

Other than that, Friday was a great day. I got plenty of steps, water, food and coffee and enjoyed a long evening at home spending time with my wife. Today is date night and I will enjoy myself as I would any other Saturday (even though we are seeing 47 Meters Down Uncaged…) and continue pushing on.

Exercise Reps/Distance
Elliptical 4.01 miles @ 00:47:11
Other Goals Notes
Eating/Tracking Tracked as best I could, yay buffet!
Steps 15,490
250+ Steps Per Hour 14 out of 14
Sobriety 52 days in a row
Liquid Intake Decaf coffee and water (nearly got soda at the buffet)

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