I haven’t really had a lot of pain after my surgery.  I am not sure if it had something to do with the nerve block (that was only supposed to last 3 days) or something else, but it has progressively gotten worse over the last 2 days.  Yesterday it was pretty bad.  It hurt to do anything with my arm including putting on the sling, getting dressed, etc.  It hurt sitting at my desk, hurt sitting on the couch, hurt to touch, hurt always.  And for the first time, the actual incisions are hurting.  I am not sure if it is from healing, but hopefully it isn’t from them getting infected.  I was told to not clean the area (to keep it dry all the time) and to leave the tape on, so I am.

Man those sausages look good up there.

I did another 14+ miles on the bike at the gym, and did a little bit of walking at work.  I was able to take both breaks and my lunch, but for some reason I had a tough time getting my 10,000 steps for the day.  Normally the very latest I get it is at lunch unless something prevents me from taking a break/lunch.  I didn’t get it until well after I got home.

I was – yet again – able to get 13 of the 14 hours in my 250+ steps.  I am not too concerned about it other than I know Friday, Saturday and Sunday are usually quite a bit less.  I should still easily make my goal of at least an average of 11.

I slept a little better than I expected with the pain.  I have only taken 2 of my hydrocodone I was prescribed because I try to avoid it if I can.  I am taking my CBDs as well as some Tylenol PM at night and it seems to help quite a bit.  Hopefully I can survive through the weekend and get to my appointment on Tuesday and be told everything is normal.


Exercise Reps/Distance
Bike 14.37 Miles @ 1:00:00
Other Goals Notes
Eating/Tracking All tracked
Steps 13,756
250+ Steps Per Hour 13 out of 14
Sobriety 44 days in a row
Liquid Intake Decaf coffee and water


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