Wednesday was a huge improvement over Tuesday. I think the nerve block that was used for the surgery really put my arm out of commission. However, it had all but worn off by the time I woke up Wednesday morning. surprisingly, there wasn’t a lot of pain other than when I actually tried to use my arm. it is funny how we take things for granted like being able to bend our elbow or pick something up or scratch somewhere that itches.

I didn’t do anything other than walk around the house to try to get a little bit of exercise in. I removed the sling even though I have not heard for sure if I am supposed to yet. It doesn’t hurt for the most part and I think I should only use it when I’m sleeping because I need to get the circulation going in the rest of my arm.

As far as eating goes, I have cut back a little bit because I certainly don’t need the food without all the exercise although it is a little more difficult because I still want to enjoy all of the delicious food. I haven’t weighed myself since the surgery and I probably won’t until next week so I guess we’ll get a chance to see what happens without any exercise in my life for a while.

Thursday will be my first day back to work but I’m going to work from home since I have to actually use my left arm to move my right arm around. It is probably quite a spectacle but I am not ready to deal with it at work. Not only that, but it’s still been 3 days since I’ve been able to shower and I don’t want to make anybody put up with that!


Exercise Reps/Distance
Active time 109 Min.
Other Goals Notes
Eating/Tracking All tracked
Steps 13,433
250+ Steps Per Hour 10 out of 14
Sobriety 36 days in a row
Liquid Intake Iced decaf coffee and water

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