Pain is something people probably hate hearing about. Everyone has pain every now and then. Toothache, headache, migraine, broken bone, whatever. but when it is something that you take for granted such as being able to use your right arm in any capacity, it is something worth complaining about.

It’s bad enough that I can’t even let my arm hang straight down much. Curling my bicep, using my hand too much… any of that stuff causes pain. I really hope that by the time I heal this is all worth it. I actually had the lingual frenulum removed from under my tongue a few years ago because I was born tongue tied and it caused issues and the tip of my tongue is permanently tingly. Here’s hoping that is not a trend for me.

Yesterday I changed out of a t-shirt and into a little bit more comfortable undershirt so it’s a little easier to ice my arm. because of all the gauze and tape, the ice doesn’t seem to do much so hopefully when I can remove the bandage, icing it will be a little bit more beneficial.

I didn’t let the surgery hold me back too much from getting some exercise in. I did a lot of walking around the house because I didn’t want to get too sweaty by going outside (and really, who wants to go outside when it’s almost 100?) I had a goal to get a certain amount every hour and I hit that goal plus some. That is probably what I’ll be doing while I’m at home until I can actually get back to work. Walking at work is a little easier during my breaks and lunch but it’s going to be tough to get any other exercise in until I can actually get to the gym.

Exercise Reps/Distance
Active time 142 Min.
Other Goals Notes
Eating/Tracking All tracked
Steps 15,698
250+ Steps Per Hour 8 out of 14
Sobriety 35 days in a row
Liquid Intake Iced decaf coffee and water

One thought on “Week 5 – Day 2: Oh Mama…

  1. keep doing what you can do 🙂

    also..noone wants to go outside in that temperature!! We hit record UK temps last week 102.1F and i pretty much had to abandon everything!!

    we are not used to this sort of temperature!!

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