Yesterday was, of course, surgery date for my shoulder. Everything went well and I am on a nerve block that will last until around Thursday afternoon. Well I can still move my hand a little bit, my pinky and forefinger are numb and I can’t raise my arm more than a couple of inches which is probably the point. Be above gif actually shows pretty much the procedure they did.

I feel like I was hit by a truck and I didn’t sleep very well though I tried to sleep as long as I could. It could be worse and I’m really hoping that after I heal, I don’t have any further issues. I’m also worried that the same issue might occur in my left shoulder but the doctor said he didn’t want to go “hunting for injuries.” and since the only issue I tend to have with my left shoulder is if I sleep on it for too long, maybe I’ll be lucky.

The scope images that the doctor gave me after my surgery don’t show a whole lot but apparently there are two images showing the before and after and you can definitely see some extra space between the bone and the rotator cuff.

After I got home from my surgery I still had a goal of getting some steps in so I was able to get an extra 6,000 or so steps done before I finally completely relaxed. it is going to be tough to get much exercise of any kind of especially because I can’t shower for 3 days.

We’ll see what happens this week with walking around the house and at least trying to get some steps in, but I know I need to relax and rest and let everything heal.

But I’m stubborn.

another news, I did lose a little bit more weight this week!

Exercise Reps/Distance
Running 4.71 miles in 00:59:58
Other Goals Notes
Eating/Tracking Ate less than normal but i wasnt feeling it, all tracked
Steps 15,678
250+ Steps Per Hour 7 out of 14
Sobriety 34 days in a row
Liquid Intake Iced decaf coffee and water

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