Here’s the recap for week 4 of my Project 7×52!

Exercise: A
I exercised every day without issue, and was able to lift 3 days and do cardio 3 days.  I started focusing on the bike since I will be doing a lot of bicycling the next few weeks.

Steps: A
I got over 10,000 steps every day and totaled 112,876‬ for the week (about 2,600 more steps than the previous week) which is an average of 16,125 steps per day.  Excited that it went up considering I deployed this week which makes walking tough on Thursday and did all 3 days of lifting that I had planned.

250+ Steps Per Hour: A
I averaged nearly 12 hours per day with 250+ steps this week.  I am sure this is going to drop quite a bit this week, but it is to be expected.

Food Tracking: B+
I had a decent week tracking food.  Most days I was 100% but on Friday we went to Braza Grill and it is tough to know exactly how much I ate.  My wife and I actually did weigh all the food we ate once and had an idea of what we consumed, but I basically just way overestimated what I had to be safe.  Still, not the best way to go about it.  Also, I did have a caramel frappe which is not the end of the world, but truly a waste of 600 calories (even on my free day).

Overall grade:


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