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Farewell for now my metal, germ-covered friends. It will be a while before I get to wrap my hands around your uncomfortably textured handles and pick you up and put you down repeatedly.

Today was assumedly my last day of lifting for a while. There is always a chance that my surgery on Monday will be later in the afternoon and I will probably workout and work instead of taking the day off. Odds are, however, that won’t be happening. I do have a lot of bike riding to do over the next 20 days or so to finish my Lazy Triathlon, so that is what I will spend the bulk of my time doing.

Today was a pretty lazy day after that. I did try to get my 250+ steps per hour and missed out on a few of them. I went on a decent walk during one of my breaks and broke out in a sweat bad enough that I had to shower again (damn summer), and enjoyed my date night dinner with my wife after watching The Lion King. I normally don’t like these remade Disney movies because I am a huge fan of the cartoons and they are too different. But they stuck close to the original in this case, so I didn’t mind it.

I am getting up early to run tomorrow and spend time with my girls, so I’ll be turning in.

Hakuna matata!

Exercise Reps Volume/Time
Dumbbell Curls** 10 x 10 (100 total reps) 3000 pounds
Incline Prone Curls** 3 x Max Reps + 1 Dropset 1,032‬ pounds
EZ Bar Curls 3 x Max Reps + 1 Dropset 2,060 pounds
Cable Tricep Pushdown 10 x 10 (100 total reps) 5,200 pounds
Tricep Kickback** 3 x Max Reps + 1 Dropset 932 pounds
Overhead Tricep Extension 3 x Max Reps + 1 Dropset 1,830 Pounds
Trap Farmer’s Walk 3 Circuits End-to-End 225 Pounds
Biking 4 Miles 00:20:00
Other Goals Notes
Eating/Tracking As best I could, but Braza Grill makes it tough!
Steps 13,001
250+ Steps Per Hour 10 out of 14
Sobriety 31 days
No soda Water and coffee

**Denotes weight is shown in per-hand weight (2 dumbbells/cables used)

3 thoughts on “Week 4 – Day 5: The Last Hoorah

  1. I hope the surgery goes ok!!

    Be careful afterwards!!
    I am terrible for going to the gym when I should’t so don’t do what I do…
    (I went with a broken leg last year… in my defence I didn’t train legs…)

    1. I really want to go back soon, but I definitely want to heal correctly. This shoulder has been an issue for years, so I definitely need to give it the weeks/months to heal correctly. The worst thing right now is I can’t even use my arm more than about 10%! I am doing my blogging by voice-to-text.

      1. that’s rubbish! but fingers crossed it will be better in the long run!
        I hate enforced breaks from exercise but you really do need arms for almost everything!

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