Here’s the recap for week 3 of my Project 7×52!  And it was nearly a perfect week.

Exercise: A
I exercised every day without issue, and was able to lift 3 days and do cardio 3 days.  I had no problems even though sore, because sore means it working (at least that’s what I tell myself).

Steps: A
I got over 10,000 steps every day and totaled 110,258 for the week (about 600 fewer steps than the previous week) which is an average of 15,751 steps per day.  Not disappointed that it went down slightly as I actually did one less day of cardio and one extra day of lifting compared to the previous week.

250+ Steps Per Hour: A
I averaged over 11 hours per day with 250+ steps again this week.  I was worried because a few of the days I missed an hour or two (or four) just because I forgot about it, not because I necessarily couldn’t get up and walk.  But I still made my goal so I am happy about that.

Food Tracking: A
Another awesome week of tracking even with taking advantage of the buffet on Saturday.  Stayed under my calories every day, enjoyed what I ate, and often had to stop eating before I was finished with what I had planned because I was full.

Overall grade:


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