I started doing this HIIT 100s training even before I started this project and I have NEVER been able to actually do a Friday workout.  Sometimes it is because I am at home and am unable to get to a gym, sometimes other things come up, but regardless, I have had to do other things on Friday.  It was very nice to be able to actually work biceps and triceps, the areas that the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mike Matarazzo and Joel Stubbs made into amazing meat piles.  I am not sure if I did a very good job of adding to my meat piles, but I did what I could.  And of course, today was strength and not the actual HIIT 100s, but that will be next Friday.  Which is the last day I get to lift for a while.

tenor (1).gif
Sad panda

After I did my lifting I finished up the last part of the rowing I need to do for my Lazy Triathlon, then I did 1 mile of sprinting/walking and then got to work.  I got most of my 250+ steps per hour in but I missed one.  Seems to be a trend this week.

Other than that, it was a pretty normal day.  I ate what I had planned, I walked plenty, drank lots of water, had less coffee than usual and didn’t fall off any tracks along the way.  This weekend my wife and I are going to see Yesterday (I am a big Beatles fan) and going to dinner somewhere that will probably be horrendous but it’s my Free Day and I’ve not yet taken full advantage of it.

Sometimes you gotta live, right?



Exercise Reps Volume/Time
Incline Dumbbell Curls** 3 x Max Reps + 1 Dropset 820 pounds (4 x 40 max)
Hammer Curls** 3 x Max Reps + 1 Dropset 1,355‬ pounds (8 x 50 max)
Incline Barbell Curls 3 x Max Reps + 1 Dropset 1,960 pounds (8 x 70 max)
Cable Tricep Extension 3 x Max Reps + 1 Dropset 1,817 pounds (8 x 67 max)
Single Arm Tricep Extension** 3 x Max Reps + 1 Dropset 860 pounds (3 x 40 max)
Assisted Dips 3 x Max Reps + 1 Dropset 6,490 Pounds (7 x 240 max)
Farmer’s Walk** 1 Circuit Around Gym 85 Pounds
Rowing Machine 800 m 00:03:38
HIIT Sprinting/Walking 1 Mile 00:13:07
Other Goals Notes
Eating/Tracking Every morsel counted
Steps 13,021
250+ Steps Per Hour 13 out of 14
Sobriety 24 days
No soda All water guzzled

**Denotes weight is shown in per-hand weight (2 dumbbells/cables used)

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