[SPOILER ALERT I GUESS] So my wife and I were finally able to finish watching Stranger Things Season 3 last night.  I still think that the first season is the best one of all, but this one was definitely more interesting to me than the second season.  But it got me questioning where they are going with this.  How many multi-legged creatures are they going to have come out of the Upside Down?  Are they going to have any further seasons? What could they possibly do that hasn’t already been done?  I am sure that there are plenty of things possible, but I felt that they could almost end it right now and I wouldn’t hate it.

I am not sure exactly what this has to do with my project or lifestyle change or anything.  nothing really. Other than the fact that I still want to know who actually likes cherry flavor better than strawberry?  Strawberry is delicious!  Also, I wouldn’t mind having a Slurpee, but I am able to make pseudo-Slurpees out of my BCAAs.  In all reality, I didn’t have a lot going on today so there wasn’t a whole lot to talk about.  So I figured I’d talk Stranger Things.

Today was a regular old day.  Nothing much exciting happened at work, exercise, or eating.  I did get some rowing done for my Lazy Triathlon as well as some running.  I tracked everything, drank tons of water, got as many steps as I could and just had an overall regular day.  I did have issues eating my food today, much like I did on Sunday.  Eating a ton of vegetables and chicken all at once just doesn’t work.  I want to continue the intermittent fasting, but I am going to have to adjust what I eat on these lower carb days.  Probably just will spread out the chicken and veggies and not have any shakes.


Exercise Reps/Distance Volume/Time
Row Machine 800 m 0:3:43
Run/walk 4.0 miles 50:58
Other Goals Notes
Eating/Tracking Tracked and stacked
Steps 19,002
250+ Steps Per Hour 14 out of 14
Sobriety 21 days in a row
100% water Close to 250-300 oz of water

3 thoughts on “Week 3 – Day 2: Stranger Thangs

  1. I am not sure if this is a reference I have missed, I have never seen Stranger things, but for the record, I don’t like cherry flavour anything…including cherries…

    1. You must not have Netflix, then, haha! It’s got a huge following. Pretty neat TV series. And I am the same way, I’ll avoid cherries 100% of the time if I can.

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