So today was the day I had a dinner with a bunch of people who don’t work in my office including the Senior VP of my organization. it was a great dinner at a very fancy place and I actually had lamb flank. I don’t care for lamb, but I figured I’d take a chance based off of the description from the waitress and it was amazing. I finished the night off with a delicious carrot cake also.

Part of me feels bad, or wants to feel bad, for eating this delicious food. it is nearly impossible to track it because I have no idea what went into making it nor how much the things weighed. But I think overall I had a great day with making sure I had the allotted amount of calories for this delicious food.

This morning I got up to do my run at home since I went into work later and I realized why leg day was my nemesis all over again.  Did I mention how much I love/hate leg day?  I did get over 4 miles done, it took me a miserable hour and 11 minutes to do it.  But… getting it done while super sore is an accomplishment by itself!

It was a pretty busy day with the meetings at work and the mingling and the dinner and everything else. I spent nearly 10 hours in the office and at the off-site event. But I’ll still be waking up tomorrow to hopefully go to the gym and get another good day in.


Exercise Reps/Distance Volume/Time
Run/walk 4.37 miles 1:11:16
Other Goals Notes
Eating/Tracking Everything tracked as best as I could
Steps 18,317
250+ Steps Per Hour 11 out of 14
Sobriety 16 days in a row, even with it all over at work and after
No soda Water all night long

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