So it was Sunday which is my official rest day (technically I rested on Wednesday also but that was because of the migraine), but that doesn’t mean it was a do-nothing-day. I did go to Costco and walk around the store before purchasing the items I need, but I didn’t actually take advantage of the sampling. At least not much. I had a Ritz cracker with some blue cheese on it and then remembered… I am not supposed to break my fast yet! So I didn’t have any other samples.

The blue cheese was delicious by the way. And for those who hate it:


But I did wander around the store and actually got 65 straight minutes of activity done, then finished shopping, stopped at Target to pick up a few other things and then went home to relax. I still made sure to work on getting my steps (though I did sleep in and also missed one hour… oops). Good thing this is about progress and not perfection.

I made up for missing out on some steps by doing yard work. I absolutely hate yard work. It’s too hot. It’s work. It’s in the yard. There’s nothing fun about it as far as I am concerned. I know that the pride in the way your yard looks should make you want to do it… but no. But I still did some, got some steps and calories burned that way and finished off the day relaxing a bit more.

Tomorrow starts a new week!

Daily details:
Exercise – It was a rest day but I did get in all of my steps (total of 10,355 steps today)
Tracking food – Done 100% accurately, stayed under caloric goal
250+ Steps – 7 out of 14 hours today (sleep is more important sometimes!)
Sobriety – 12 days and counting
No soda – Drank nothing but coffee and water

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