I prefer to call them free days. Cheat days makes it sound like you are doing something you shouldn’t be doing. And if I have learned anything from all of the “dieting” I have done, there is nothing wrong with eating foods that you enjoy. So today is my designated free day. But I decided to keep it relatively mellow.

I know that it is very easy to completely reverse all the work that’s been done over the last 6 days with just one day. I mean, go read my previous post about boredom eating and you’ll see just how easy it can be.

That doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t be able to enjoy the foods that I like, but it always should be in moderation. After all, if we could enjoy eating in moderation, diets wouldn’t be necessary. While I sort of started this all by wanting to eat super healthy every day except once, I have decided to be more lenient with that. I have enjoyed chicken tenders and tater tots and KFC all while still eating mostly healthy things. It’s all about balance! But every calorie I track, and I have yet to go over my allotted amount.

So today was pretty much a standard day when it came to eating. I enjoyed a few things that I like, and ate mostly healthy. I stuck with the usual foods I eat and had a few goodies, tracked everything, stuck with my intermittent fasting that I’ve been doing and I feel great! The main difference is that – instead of focusing on making sure I had a good caloric deficit – I ate what my MFP + FitBit told me. Maybe it’s off a little, but it’s my Free Day 😉

HOWEVER… tomorrow is my rest day where I would normally go for a walk. I used to walk at Costco with my wife a lot but we haven’t lately so as to avoid all the samples… but I think I may do it tomorrow which means I MAY try some of the samples. I will track it all of course, but it may be something I do. We’ll see.

Only one more day before I get back to work. I sort of hate having time off like this because it makes work that much more ugh. But the work has to be done!


Daily details:
Exercise – I did 4.5 miles today with my walking/jogging and got in all of my steps (total of 12,943 steps today)
Tracking food – Done 100% accurately and deliciously
250+ Steps – 13 out of 14 hours today (woke up earlier than I normally would on a Saturday)
Sobriety – 11 days and counting
No soda – Drank nothing but coffee and water. Soda can just go bye bye!

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