So no, this is not a post already complaining about my decision (which happened when I decided to fast and go keto). No, this is not a post about how tough things are. No, this is not a post really complaining about anything. This is a post about the first bump in the road that decided to crop up in front of me and how I was able to overcome it.

It actually was a single bump in the road that sort of escalated and caused struggles in almost all areas of this project. As I stated from the beginning, I had decided to stop drinking soda. That was a massive, massive amount of the caffeine intake I had every day. There is 41.00 mg of caffeine in a 12 ounce serving of Diet Dr. Pepper. I probably would get an easy 700 mg of caffeine from soda on a daily basis (more on the weekends) and that doesn’t include the 380 mg I would get from coffee. So 1,000 mg of caffeine on average. In general, it is said that 300-400 mg of caffeine is safe. So I was going a little bit above that.


Fast forward to today, I have cut out soda completely and have started drinking decaf instead which is around 12 mg per serving instead. That means I am taking in less than 100 mg of caffeine on a daily basis. The downfall of this decision is the withdrawal symptoms from caffeine which includes headaches/migraines. I honestly didn’t even really think about this until I woke up this morning to go workout and felt like my head was going to explode. I know about caffeine withdrawals, but I completely forgot about it and thought that drinking the decaf would help. Apparently not. But at least I got it over with today!

The bad news is that it meant I slept in an extra few hours. That meant I had to adjust my 250+ steps per hour time-frame since I slept through the first few hours… which means I have to walk later into the evening than I normally would worry about. And I also didn’t make it to the gym or to run. I DID however, still get my exercise in.


Nothing super exciting, just made sure I got a couple of good walks in while at work. I struggled to get my 10,000 steps but that is the point of this project, to get myself into new habits. If I miss going to the gym, I have to make up for it and spend a little extra time walking to get my steps.

The other downside is that I don’t get as many calories burned meaning I have to be extra careful with what I eat. Again, I have left plenty of calories Monday and Tuesday, but I don’t need to use those when I can burn those. So today ended up being a little lighter on eating. The worst thing is the 4 day weekend coming up. Food is normally on the schedule. Let’s see how I fare!

Daily details:
Exercise – No official exercise today but I did walk twice plus my normal movements and got enough to count it as exercise (total of 10,355 steps today)
Tracking food – Done 100% accurately!
250+ Steps – Got 11 out of 14 hours today
Sobriety – 8 days and counting
No soda – Drank nothing but coffee, unsweetened tea and water (man I miss soda)

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