I won’t lie, I am getting super excited about July 1st.  I know I should probably not get my hopes up too high – I know that come Monday afternoon I will probably decide that I hate this decision one way or another – but I can’t help it.  I am looking forward to it.  I am looking forward to having small, weekly goals and seeing how many times I can reach them.  I am looking forward to not feeling so miserable after I eat while learning to eat things that I enjoy.  I am looking forward to changing my body into what it should be.

The first thing I have to talk about is that I am now 4 days sober.  I never thought I would need to be someone counting down (counting up?) sobriety, but I decided after Monday that I did.  I have always tried to keep it under control and told myself that I was doing a good job of it.  But it wasn’t true.  So instead of trying to have a drink now and again and probably fall back on bad habits, I have decided to lead the sober life.  4 days down… countless more to go.

I am also prepping what I am going to eat starting on Monday, what type of exercises I am going to do, and various other goals (including my steps, more water, no soda, etc.)

The only wrench that is being thrown at my gears right now is that I will probably be having shoulder surgery soon.  I am going to consult with the orthopedic doctor on July 5th to see what he says, but after our first meeting he said that if steroids didn’t clear it up, surgery was probably the next option.

However, instead of using this as some sort of excuse, I am going to use it as motivation to really work on my cardio.  I am pretty sure that my surgery will prevent me from lifting weights for a while, but that doesn’t mean that it can prevent me from exercising.  So I am definitely going to start working on building up my cardio and set up some 5K races, look down the road to some longer races, and eventually get that full marathon done!


I haven’t decided what race I am going to do, but it will definitely have to be either spring or fall.  I didn’t mind doing shorter races in the winter, but I don’t want to do 26.2 miles in the winter.  And I definitely don’t want to do it in the summer.  So I will just have to plan for something next year (more than likely).

Anyway, just letting you all know I am excited for this, can’t wait to get back to being the best me I can be, and hope to see you along the way!

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