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Life is full of them. Some good, some bad, some don’t make much of a difference. Today’s change is that I’m not going to do this blog daily. I have enough stress that I feel I don’t need to stress about making sure I get my post done every single day. So I am going to post when I need to post and I won’t if I don’t have a need!

Today I have a need. My ankle has taken me completely out of commission and it just adds to the “failures” I’ve been having lately. “Failures” is probably not the right word because it’s just been road bumps in the road of life.  Things happen, get over it and get around it.

So my ankle is jacked, my arm that the plasma place screwed up is still screwed up and half-numb, I’ve been eating like crap, sleeping in and using every excuse.  I fully, 100% admit it.

But changes are coming!  They won’t be right now… I have too much going on and am traveling to see my daughter graduate from high school and see my other daughter and play with my grandbaby and spend some time away from work and stress.  But when I get back, changes will be coming.

3 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes!

  1. I don’t blame you! Blogging every day is hard work!! (don’t for get us though…I like to know what is going on!)

    After my first 365 I haven’t managed daily for long periods…once or twice a week is enough, although for me I am trying to blog more because it keeps me accountable!

    I hope your ankle and arm get better soon 🙂

    1. I may go back to daily once things settle here. With graduation and vacation and other things, it makes it a bit tougher. But accountability is part of why I do it, too!

      Thanks, hopefully they are better by the time I am back from vacation and I can start making the better me.

      1. Sometimes there is just too much to do!!

        I manage it in January and June (for Janathon and juneathon) but some days end up being mostly pictures…

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