“Scrum” is a word I have used a lot more often over the past few years than I thought I ever would. The main reason is because my team at work started using a ticketing system along with scrum to plan and execute our jobs at work.

Tonight, scrum was the word of the day because my wife and I took our date to a Utah Warriors rugby game for the first time! First of all, I’ll lead with the fact that the Warriors really are not very good. They have a 2-11-1 win-loss-draw record. The team they played tonight happened to be the team in 1st place, so I wasn’t surprised to see them lose. Second of all, I found it kind of boring. Like soccer, there was a lot of nothing really happening followed by 10 seconds of excitement. But at least it was something new.

Other than that, I helped with cleaning up the yard sale stuff, hauling trash to the dump, ate too much and watched television. Sounds more extravagant than it was. But it was a great Saturday overall.

“Greatness can’t be imposed; it has to come from within. But it does live within all of us.” ~Jeff Sutherland

3 thoughts on “Day 23 – Scrum!!

    1. We do! I kind of hate Jira but it is a part of my life now.

      And I don’t know… maybe I need to see a few more games or some not from the US to decide that. The only reason I really was entertained for the most part was trying to figure out the rules!

      1. Jira is the only reason I seem organised at all at work tbh…but we are mainly kanban…

        I think watching the international matches in the World Cup or the 6 nations would probably change your mind, especially the all blacks (New Zealand) or Australia 🙂

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