Forgot to post this last night!

We all find various ways to torture ourselves. Some of us eat when we know we shouldn’t. Some of us exercise even if we are in pain. Some of us listen to music we hate because everyone else in the car likes it (hey, I think I do all of these). But my favorite form of “torture” today is watching inspirational videos.

The reason I find these torture is because they really, REALLY make me want to better myself.

As I sit on my ass.

Eating M&Ms.

And then I mentally beat myself up for these people being amazing and awesome and pushing through adversity while I struggle with saying no to the smallest delicious piece of food.


These videos really are awesome. I found one of a woman with cerebral palsy who refused to stop exercising. Another with a woman who lost her arm who was back at the gym a month later. Another with people who won against their drug addictions and turned to athletics instead. And another where a 451 pound 18 year old took back his life and has lost 45 pounds so far.

Videos and stories like this are something I truly enjoy seeing. They are more inspirational than Rocky and things like that, and even Rocky makes me want to better myself! Something I need to do…

But today isn’t a day that is happening. I didn’t go to the gym (slept in), and I didn’t walk or take any breaks or lunch today (friends weren’t at work) so I really skimped on the exercise. Ugh! And so that makes me even more disappointed, which also makes these videos even more torture. But I can’t stop watching them!

I just need to make a proverbial video of my own.


“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” ~ Thomas Edison

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