It obviously isn’t normal. The bruising on my arm from where the plasma donation center messed up (I am using my nice words) has spread down my arm. Other than some pain at the actual place on the vein where he messed up, it doesn’t really hurt, but man… talk about looking like nothing but a big bruise


The picture doesn’t do it justice, but all that dark from the crook of my arm halfway down my forearm is bruising. So I guess I will be going to the doctor to see if there is a larger concern than just a sore arm and some bruising.

Suffice it to say, I think I am done donating. At least with these guys.

Other than that, my day has been okay. I will be getting a lot fewer steps today because of the weather. It is going to rain and as much as I like the rain, I hate being IN the rain. The same goes for tomorrow. But it won’t be a total loss. I made sure to do all that I could and we’ll just see how the contest ends. I am sure someone either cheated or ran a marathon so my steps won’t see me being the victor. Today I ended up with nearly 16,000 steps. Food is still strangely dominating my thoughts and it is still tough to make the right decisions. Maybe I need to meditate or something.


As an update, I did go to the doctor and they told me it was fine, normal, not dangerous and I should keep donating plasma.

Maybe I should stop trusting doctors…

Or trust him and hope.

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

3 thoughts on “Day 21 – Is This Normal?

    1. I normally would, but I figured a dead arm or a stroke or something wasn’t worth it, so I actually went lol

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