So I’ve made a decision. I am going to go back to keto in July. Or maybe just low carb. But it really is the only way I’ve been able to lose weight without a huge struggle. Both times I lost over 100 pounds has been doing low carb. So that decision is final.

On top of that, I also am going to do a fast to kickstart my keto and let my gut have a rest. So from now until Friday evening, it’ll just be water. Obviously I’ll listen to my body and if I can’t do it, I won’t go through with it.

Other than that exciting news, not much happened today. I got my 10,000 steps in, watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones and am prepared to walk to and from the train all of or most of this week (weather permitting). They are doing a step contest at work and I may as well give it my all.

“Push yourself again and again. Don’t give an inch until the final buzzer sounds.” ~Larry Bird

3 thoughts on “Day 17 – Super Fast

  1. Good luck with the fast 🙂 I have to say it sounds like my idea of hell!!

    Different things work for different people, but for me if I am not fueled I can’t train, or dance…

    I tried Intermittent fasting and it worked really well until dancing season started…I just couldn’t dance for a whole day without food!

    1. I do IF all of the time with no problem, but I figured I’d try to extend it a little and see what happens with my body and mind. May be a miserable week when I do it (see latest post) but we’ll find out for sure.

      1. I will have a look at you latest post 🙂

        I was ok until dance out season started… although training first thing in the morning was becoming hard…

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