There are a billion different methods to do everything out there.  How to paint, how to write, how to draw, how to do math (this is some B.S. right here…) and that includes exercise.  You can go heavy weights for low reps, light weights with lots of reps, in between or even alternating.  You can split body parts, do full body, do circuits, do HIIT, do steady state cardio, walk, run, ride, and numerous other things.  But one thing that tends to remain fairly consistent when it comes to muscle building is volume.

Last Friday I was only able to do half of my circuit because of my shoulders.  So today I decided to trim it back a little from 10 total exercises to 8, adjust a few exercises so I don’t compound the issue with my shoulder and despite doing fewer exercises, what happened?  Nearly 4,000 pounds of extra volume happened!


This is proof that it isn’t always about how many different exercises you do, but how much you are able to do in those exercises.  I could have stuck with just doing 2 exercises repeatedly or 100 different exercises once.  But the important thing is increasing volume.  Obviously, 30 reps is greater than 15 reps, but still… it’s nice to have a visual of it all.

On top of turning that volume up to 11, I had a great day overall.  Work went quickly and I got a lot done, some changes were made that make my job both easier and harder which is always a nice challenge, I got to leave early, and got to start my weekend earlier than most.  I ended up with over 10,000 steps for the day (Friday is often less than other days of the week since I get out early, my friends get out early, etc.) and am prepped to set up for the yard sale tomorrow, go to the gym (or maybe run outside) and then donate some more plasma then have date night with my wife.  I won’t lie, we are going to the Pikachu movie…  Gonna be a great one!

“The volume of your impacts is measured by the direction of your movements, the passion with which you inspire and the attitudes by which you make an influence!” ~Israelmore Ayivor

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