Is this a little too obvious? I mean, even light weights are heavy. Try dropping 5 pounds on your toes and let me know if it doesn’t hurt. And then try dropping a 70 pound dumbbell on your foot. That is what I happened to do this morning. To be fair, I didn’t drop it from where I was holding it. I was placing it back on the rack and it dropped, bounced off the ground, then bounced off of my foot. I already have a nice bruise there so it made an impact. Hopefully it isn’t anything more than that.

Today was back to the circuit and back to the grind. I focused on chest and back which is probably one of the toughest workouts that I do. Granted, I CHOSE what exercises to do which I could always change, but I think that this is a perfect amount of crazy. Renegade rows are insane on their own, but I actually added a push-up to them. Who doesn’t want to add a push-up to an already fairly difficult planking and rowing motion?

I had a great workout. I increased the volume in all of my lifts if only slightly, increased my volume overall and got it all done a bit quicker than I have in the past. Last Monday it took me 63 minutes to finish the circuit compared to today’s 56 minutes. Below are the stats with blue being last week and grey being this week (push-ups went up because I am fatter this week… sad times).


Other than attempting to drop-kick 70 pounds, other bad news revolves around squats and deadlifts and my back which is normally my Tuesday routine. I was debating on putting those exercises on a hold because of the pain I’ve had in my back and “luckily” the gym made that decision for me.


It appears that Thursday or Friday of last week someone broke the Smith Machine. Now, before people start yelling at me for using a Smith Machine, I can only say that it is the ONLY squat rack in the entire gym. There is no free weight version. That being said, I much prefer to not use the Smith Machine, but don’t have much of a choice. I do my deadlifts with either an Olympic bar or a Trap Bar (both partially pictured above) but squats have to be done with the Smith Machine.

Thankfully, because someone decided to break the machine, I will not be doing squats or deadlifts for a period of time. Not only can I not do half of the exercises (yes, 1 out of 2 is half) but I want to give my back a bit of a rest. I have had enough back issues that I don’t need to exacerbate it by trying to push through. We can’t rub dirt on this one!

So Tuesday and Thursday for a while will be focusing on cardio. I might do distance runs, I might do HIIT, I might do plyometrics or something else. But I will be doing the extra cardio while hopefully letting my back heal. And of course, waiting for them to fix the machine. Based on the track record here… it’ll be a while.

At the end of the day, I have over 13,000 steps, had a great workout, made decent food choices and did another round of plasma donations. I also got to spend time with my wife, watch some of our favorite TV shows and just had a great day overall.

So here’s to a great Monday! Starting the week off positively can help make it that much more tolerable. And so far, so good for me.

“Things do not happen. Things are made to happen.” ~John F. Kennedy

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