I’ve always wondered something. Why don’t more people donate plasma? Well, now I can actually tell you why. It takes FOR.EV.ER.

I decided to make a few extra bucks on the side and couldn’t think of any better legal way that didn’t require a second job or some MLM scheme. So I checked out the local plasma donation place.

Let me start off by saying, it looks sorta shady and I was having second thoughts. Even the reviews of the place were mostly bad. But I remembered that most people only leave reviews when they have a bad experience. So if only a handful of people did, it was probably ok.

And it was. The staff was friendly. They were helpful and explained everything. And the process was mostly painless. It just took nearly 3 hours from start to finish. 3 hours! They claim from now on it will only take an hour or so. But 3 hours!!?

So despite having to sit for an hour doing nothing while they take a bunch of my fluids, I’ll be donating plasma for a while to scrape a few bucks together. I have to say I felt a lot better afterwards than when I donate blood.

Other than that, I helped a tiny bit at the yard-sale, hung up signs, took down signs, ate and saw The Avengers. I didn’t run because I was up at 7 helping with the yard-sale. Monday brings a new day of working out as tomorrow is sleep in and grocery shop day.

3 hours…

“Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.” ~ Will Rogers

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