I’ve heard it countless times.

“Listen to your body!”

“You need to rest sometimes!”

“Don’t eat glue, it’s bad for you! ”

And yet I still don’t listen. More often than not my body FORCES me to listen. This morning was a prime example. While I listened to my body enough to decide to not go to the gym today, apparently it went on strike even more. I had planned to walk to and from the train so I set my alarms (yes, plural) for that. But I slept through all 4 of them, only waking up when my wife got up which was about an hour later.

It is very rare for me to sleep through my alarms so I know it was my body revolting and telling me to get some extra rest. And while I don’t mind the extra rest, I hate how it throws my whole day off. You can’t let an OCD guy sleep through their alarm! Nothing goes right after that.

While today wasn’t the worst, it still just seemed off. I did end up with over 14,000 steps which is pretty good for not being at the gym. My food choices were not the best, especially because my boss from Ireland is in town and he brought goodies. Hopefully I can get up tomorrow when I’m supposed to, get to the gym and have a great (and normal) Friday.

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.” ~Woody Allen

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