So for those who haven’t known me longer than 15 years or so, I used to have long, thick, wavy hair. I did for many years. Then I decided to cut it shorter for an important job interview only to find I was balding. So from that day forward, I shaved my head to the scalp. And kept it that way.

My wife has been one who has donated her hair to Wigs for Kids. Because of her, I’ve decided to revert back to my old ways so I can do the same. So I will not be cutting my hair for a long time in order to grow it long enough to donate.

This will probably freak a few people out who didn’t know me all those years ago, but it’s for a good cause and is a nice change of pace. And since my goal is all about change, why not add to the list?

Today was my rest day where I only worried about getting 10,000 steps which I did. I’ll be heading to bed after GoT is over to start my (hopefully) less stressful week.

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