Hello everyone person that is here!  Probably only my mom and wife, but who knows.

So unfortunately I am using the excuse of “I already have stuff planned” so I am not going to be starting the ass kicking until a week or so into May.  But I have a plan!  And it is “plan to do” not “planning on doing” so I promise it will be happening.

I will start off today by posting what I did with my workout.  I still have some things to do when it comes to my workout, but today (which would normally be on Tuesday) I decided to do squats and deadlifts because I believe that they are core exercises that need to be done.  Below is my normal workout schedule:

Monday – Circuit training
Tuesday – Squats & Deadlifts 5×5
Wednesday – Circuit Training
Thursday – HIIT Sprints & Incline Walking
Friday – Circuit Training
Saturday – 1 Hour Medley (Consists of sprints, walking, running, etc. all within 1 hour)
Sunday – Rest

So that is my typical workout schedule for now.  I am very wishy-washy so that may all change.  But for now, it is what it is.  Since this week is already messed up, I did my Thursday workout on Tuesday and my Tuesday workout today.  I did:

– Barbell Squats – 255 lbs x 5/ 270 lbs x 5 / 295 lbs x 5 / 315 lbs x 5 / 325 lbs x 5
– Deadlifts – 235 x 5 / 275 x 5 / 315 x 5 / 365 x 5

I ran out of steam on my deadlifts because I think I was going too heavy to do 5 reps every time.  That is something that I need to work on.  But I got a great workout in and despite eating like shit, I feel today was a victory.

I will probably use some of this blog to complain/talk/vent about life, talk about good things and bad things and just everything else.  I hope everyone is okay with that.

And with that being said… On to a better me!!

Image shows my last 3 efforts doing these workouts.  This week is less because I was doing higher reps at lower weights before.  But still a good volume for only 2 lifts!


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