We'll be there sometime today

Or not.

I honestly don’t understand the reason we let companies walk all over us when it comes to deliveries and services.  “We will show up between 10 AM and midnight, so make sure someone is at home during that time.”  I guess we have no choice since pretty much any company does it, so I blame all our forefathers for giving in to the companies without a fight.

Our washing machine decided to crap out on us a couple of weeks ago and it’s been nothing but trouble ever since.  Not only was I plopping down $9-$12 on every time I had to go to the laundromat, but the repair guy decided not to show up, the replacement repair guy had to see if they could order the part, and it was 5 days before we were informed (after my wife called them) that they weren’t going to replace the part but we were going to be given credit for the value of the machine to buy a new one.  So my wife went and picked out a new one and it was to be delivered Tuesday after 3 PM.

Well, after 3 PM ended up turning into sometime between 8:15 PM and 11:15 PM.  That – in turn – ended up being “our truck broke down and we’ll deliver it tomorrow.”

Luckily they ended up showing up around 4:30 PM today and we were able to get our washer delivered and installed.  But is that really something that a company should be allowed to do?  I know it’s not their fault that there were other issues or that their vehicle broke down, but the whole delivery timeframe is just a crock.

What’s not a crock was my karate class.  It was another great class that involved lots of heavy bag work, lots of HIIT training and lots of sweat.  Pretty much the perfect kind of class.  We also worked on combinations involving a partner with blocking and counter-attacking.  Not hitting involved thankfully, but a great workout none-the-less.


Breakfast – Banana strawberry protein shake
Snacks – Granola bar
Lunch – Taquitos
Dinner – Chicken breast supreme
Dessert – Fig newtons


An hour+ of walking at work
2 hours of kyokushin karate

Wednesday was an insanely busy day and on top of that I was dealing with not sleeping well and possibly getting sick.  I am pretty sure that mother nature is screwing with me when I get sick in April.  I still walked around as much as I normally did and hit the gym afterwards which kept my mind off of being sick and tired.  I added a couple extra things to the workout which help with power in my punches thanks to a fellow blogger and the guy running the gym.

I guess we’ll find out soon enough how well they work.


Breakfast – Banana strawberry protein shake
Snacks – Orange juice
Lunch – Tijauna turkey wrap and a slice of pizza
Dinner – Fajitas
Dessert – Fig newtons


One thought on “Days 324 & 325… Special Delivery

  1. delivery between 8:15 and 11:15pm??? that would never happen in the UK! any time after 5:30pm and you are screwed!

    we do get ridiculous things like after 1pm…with no further info mind you.

    Some companies are improving, but at least 25% of delivery companies can’t find my house despite us having a sign on the gatepost!

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