Oh how I wish I could have slept in Saturday morning.  I don’t always want to sleep in… okay, that is a lie.  I always want to sleep in but I almost never get to.  Waking up before 5 AM during the week and then doing karate or races on Saturday limits me to one day out of the week.  Then I went and got a dog so I need to make sure he is let out in the morning.

So like I said… how I wish I could have slept in.

But I didn’t.  I woke up, let the dog out and headed to the college for my karate class.  My sensei, however, was not able to make it for some reason so that left one of the black belts in charge.  And it happened to be one of the crazies women I’ve ever met.  She’s not crazy like talking to herself crazy or has too many cats crazy.  She is crazy in the sense that she doesn’t just stretch until you’re loose and warm, she stretches until you are sweating.  She doesn’t just do some squats or some kicks to get you warmed up, she does 100 of each.  She doesn’t count in a way that you can follow along, she goes until SHE is tired.  She doesn’t choose tough exercises for us to do, she takes two tough exercises and turns it into one insane exercise.

And I quite enjoyed (most of) it.

I have to admit the last two days of karate have been great.  I have never been to a “regular” karate class so I don’t know what normally happens, but I always imagine there’s a lot of shadowboxing and kicking and forms and maybe some bag work but I know that doing HIIT, enough ab exercises to make your 8 pack quiver and doing every exercise until you can’t move is not what I normally think of.  But I think it is great for conditioning.  Just about every game or challenge needs conditioning whether you’re a football player, basketball player, MMA fighter or curling pro (okay, curling isn’t a sport) so I am glad we have been taking time to do this.

StreeeetchThe only issue I really have is the stretching.  I know, I know… Earl is rinsing and repeating.  But stretching is not my strong suit so when we do it in such a way that I am grunting and sweating it makes me hate it even more.  I honestly can’t tell if I am making progress or not.  I think my kicks are a little higher and my sensei says I’ve improved but I don’t feel that anything is different.  I still struggle to kick high, struggle with specific straight-legged kicks, have a tough time stretching out completely and can rarely do anything involving my hips extending high or out.  This is the second time I got to experience her version of stretching and it was pretty painful both times.  I don’t mind sweating, grunting and getting pushed past my comfort zone, but I do demand I can complain when it happens.

I also have to admit that I am missing running.  I probably have plenty of opportunity to do it, but as I strength train and do karate 6 days out of the week it is tough to squeeze in.  And I don’t mean time necessarily.  I mean just being able to do it.  After Thursday’s crazy karate class, Friday’s strength training and Saturday’s crazier karate class I had no desire to do anything on Sunday other than relax.  Would it hurt to take 30 minutes to go for a run 3 days a week?  Probably not.  But then I fear I’ll get back to where I was before where I think I was doing far too much.

And talking about crazy women, my wife keeps trying to tell me that I am getting skinnier.  I don’t see it at all (which I know is normal) and the scale does not seem to be moving much.  I know I should be measuring but it also never seems to change much.  I don’t know if she is simply being nice and telling me things to make me feel better or if I am doing something right and getting skinnier just not lighter (how does that work?)  Building muscle is a possibility but as I’ve discussed before you can’t build a LOT of muscle in a short period of time let alone while losing weight.  I think she’s just crazy.

But I love her anyway.

5 thoughts on “Days 321 & 322… Crazy Woman!

  1. Have you got a photo or something from when you started, compare it to one now…I wrote people off as crazy when they were telling me I looked different until I saw a photo of where I started versus where I am now…
    People keep telling me I change every time they see me, but I don’t beleive it either…

    mind you you are doing a lot so it must be doing something 🙂

    1. I do, but it scares me to look at it thinking I will not see any change or even a change in the wrong direction. I agree that I am doing a lot as well, but maybe my eating habits still need to change some. I used the Bodymedia and know (according to it) how many calories I burn, I also know my BMR and how active I am, so I don’t think that I am overeating, but it just doesn’t seem to be going right.

      I guess I need to give in and compare photos as well as measure.

      1. Do it, you might be surprised! I was!
        If your wife is noticing it is probably quite a big change. The people who see us every day take much longer to see the changes I have found.
        And if not, then it is a reminder to try to change a bit if your eating pattern even if it is just one thing 🙂
        But I am sure there will be a difference!

      2. We’ll see. I had another person tell me that I was losing weight and I still don’t know if I want to believe them. I’ll do the pictures soon enough I suppose.

        I cut back a little bit more on my food, not snacking “because it’s the right time” but snacking only if I am hungry. Hopefully that helps.

      3. I am sure it will help, in my nutrition course apparently the big thing is to get people to recognise when they are hungry rather than just eating out if habit!
        Look at the pictures! I am sure you will be surprised!

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