$moothie$I’ve never priced how much it would cost to make my own smoothies, but in my head they are far too expensive so that is why I don’t drink them nearly as much as I would actually like.

I went to Roxberry’s tonight because I had a coupon for basically a free smoothie.  They have some delicious smoothies and that I wish I could reproduce.  And I probably could!  I just have to figure out the best way to make it with the BlendTec blender we have and the right ingredients.

The only issue (other than my vision of them being expensive) is that they really aren’t all that filling.  At least 16 or 24 ounces don’t seem to fill me up that much.  I suppose I could make 32 or even 40 ounce smoothies but that is a lot of (natural) sugar and even more expensive because I have to use more product.

I guess I will just need to look into it all and try it out.  My protein shakes are pretty good but nowhere near as good as Roxberry smoothies.

No, I am not compensated by them.

Something I was afraid of happening is starting to happen at my gym.  When I first started going there were maybe 1 or 2 people and they were pretty much all on the treadmills or elliptical machines.  Lately we have been getting a few more people coming in and using the weights.  I know that I can’t have the gym to myself, but I sometimes wish that people would come at OTHER times so I could have no issues doing my lifting.  At least I am not doing the circuit training so I can focus on one lift at a time.  Still, the more people there are, the less room for me.

Despite that, I had a great workout.  My Stronglifts is still going well and I am feeling more and more strong.  I just wish my belly would go away.  It seems to be gathering all of my fat in that one area.  My face is thinner, my arms are thinner (and more veiny which I like) but my stomach just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Why is food so good?


Breakfast – Cracklin’ Oat Bran with Protein Powder
Lunch – Steak, potatoes and corn
Dinner – Taquitoes
Dessert – Roxberry smoothie and fig newtons


3 thoughts on “Day 323… Smoothies

  1. Other people in the gym are a proper pain in the arse!
    I had to fight to get to anything last week…and still got weight plated dropped on my by idiots and had to wait an hour befor I could bench press anything!!

    I know we *can’t* actually have a the gym to ourselves…but I think we should!

    also so are so right about smoothies…I don’t bother with them because although they are a good source of fruit, you mash all the fibre etc out of it and they are sooo sugary! Once in a while is good though 😀

    1. I think we should, too. There were even more people today but luckily I got the rack first and finished everything I needed to do there before anyone else could get it.

      I have always wondered if blending the full fruit actually gets rid of the “healthy part” or not. I’m not juicing it and throwing away a bunch of it, I am using the whole thing. But yeah, too much sugar, too expensive and I can never make them as good as the stores do for some reason.

      1. I think using the full fruit is a good start, you get all the nutrients and vitamins, but some stuff is destroyed when you mash it up but it is 6am and I can’t remember which…something to do with the blending being like partly digesting it already…I’ll look into it when I am awake! 🙂

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