What in the...

After thinking about it all day long and discussing it with my sensei and others I’ve decided to stick out my karate for the time being.  I will not do what we did on Tuesday (at least not until I am ready) and will tell others to back off if necessary, but I enjoy the class too much to simply give it up.

My abdomen still hurts like a bitch but I have sucked it up most of the day.  The bruise looks pretty gnarly and will probably get worse for a few days, but I’ll get over it.  I will most definitely not be taking any punches for a week or so until it heals up a bit more.

I wonder how much the layer of fat I have has to do with the pain and bruising.  I see other guys who have rock-hard abs and they don’t seem to bruise the way I do nor do they seem to be in as much pain as I am in.  Maybe that is a big chunk of it.  Once I lose some more weight and fat in the midsection maybe I will be able to tolerate a bit more.

If only it were easy.

I didn’t eat the best food today.  I was still under my calories for the day though I had a tad too many carbs and not nearly enough protein.  The problem was I took the easy way out and eat too many “processed” foods that are delicious and easy but not full of the best nutrients.  Sometimes it will happen though.  I am not going to be such a stickler that I won’t eat processed food, but my friend at work claims I will die because of my chicken nuggets.

If that’s the truth, what a way to go.

I also decided to kind of go back to the basics of lifting.  Stronglifts 5×5 is a really great workout and I am picking it up again.  Then adding a few other exercises on top of it.  I am going to focus on strength and less on calorie burn.  I burn plenty of calories right now and if I find I need to add some HIIT then I will.


Breakfast – 3 garlic eggs in a tortilla
Snacks – Cookies and protein bars
Lunch – Chicken nuggets
Dinner – Chicken nuggets and fries


5 thoughts on “Day 318… One More Shot

  1. I think (as I have said just now on a previous comment) that this seems like a sensible thing to do 🙂

    The funny thing about processed foods…the less I eat them, the less I want to, I haven’t really eaten much processed stuff for a few months now and I had a pre-prepared pasta meal the other day and it made me feel a bit iffy and I ran out of energy in about 1/2 an hour…I didn’t believe it made such a difference!
    But each to their own 😀

    1. I don’t generally feel much of a difference other than I don’t get to eat as much as I do with non-processed food. I do love the taste, though. Chicken nuggets, hot dogs, pizza, all those processed things are so good but so evil!

      1. Chicken nuggets and hot dogs I can live without…but I am having a massive pizza craving at the moment!
        You are right, I think the fact that I can eat more when it is “real” food is the main reason I have more energy with it!

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