This weekend was full of all sorts of stuff ranging from fun, exciting and awesome to terrible.  It’s probably really no different than most weekends.  Good things happen, bad things happen, but this weekend there were a few more things to talk about.


Friday was a day of travel for me which meant that I skipped my workout.  I traveled to southern Utah to do a race for my cousin who was diagnosed with colon cancer and it is about a 4 to 4 1/2 hour drive there so I didn’t have any time after work to do much of anything.  But that’s ok.  If I had stayed and done a race up here in northern Utah I would have skipped much of my workout anyway, so it’s not a huge deal.  It was a great turnout for the race with lots of people showing their support.  It was a fun race as well as I had never done any type of race in Blanding other than a 5K and triathalon when I was in middle school.  I completed the race in 29:01 unofficially though I was near the back of the slow moving group at the start so may have officially been under 29 minutes.

I also found out about a program called gofundme which allows people to set up a webpage to help raise donations from various things from getting money for a school to people having medical issues to people wanting surgeries for their animals.  I figured if there were people willing to donate to a dog’s fund to help them have a surgery maybe I could get some people to donate for my cousin and her mother – both who were diagnosed with cancer only 4 weeks apart.  My mom set up the gofundme page and I’m hoping it helps them out.

After the race on Saturday I spent time with my family including my two beautiful girls.  We went to Subway for lunch and sat around and talked and just had a good ol’ time.  Then I had to head back home so I could have date night with my wife and be ready for the stuff we had to do on Sunday.

That’s when disaster struck.

Speed Limit

Going through a small city (technically I was still on the highway) I had my cruise set to 65 and it was in an area when the speed fluctuated between 55 and 65 a few times.  I didn’t think much about it until I saw the red and blues behind me.  I had been going 65 in a 55 and though I had never received a speeding ticket before, the officer told me he couldn’t have me going that fast through town (though I was on a highway).  So I got a ticket.  Stinks, but it’s what I deserve and I guess most people will get one in their lifetime.

Sunday was Sunday though we had a family dinner which we haven’t had in a while.  It was my brother-in-law’s birthday and we had a good dinner and a good time.  My wife and I did take Max out on a walk and I ran with him a little bit.  The problem with him is that he wants to check every single bush and tree and post for scents so running continuously is tough.  But at least he enjoys going for walks unlike Gidget.  Though he is incredibly protective of my wife.

Crazy mutt.

5 thoughts on “Days 313, 314 & 315… Travel, Trek and Ticket

  1. I don’t like the speeding ticket…but I like the rest 🙂

    By which I mean I don’t like the fact that you got caught speeding, how fast you were going makes no difference to me…I am sure you were driving safely and that is the main thing…it is also possible to drive safely at speeds higher than most speed limits, which are often in place to catch you out and raise money for the local council with fines.

    I feel sure that one day I will get pulled over for it, the police have a different approach to speeding than me…same with parking charges as I was forced to remember on thursday! ( )

    1. Yeah, it was bound to happen after 17 years of driving I suppose. I don’t deny that I was speeding, but I think that the road it was on is a terrible road. The speed changes so much and so abruptly that they probably gather up plenty of tickets there. Not only that, but I was following 2 people and had 1 behind me who were all going the same speed but I got pulled over. I was told it was my tinted windows which is a possibility. Either way, I am biting the bullet and paying the fine. Not much else I can do 🙂

      1. Haha! I got pulled over for my tinted windows once…I was speeding (85 mph in a 70 mph limit) which I was prepared to just take because I was speeding…but he had nothing to say about my speed but a lot to say about my apparently illegally dark tinted windows…
        he ended up having to let me go because the tint wasn’t as dark as he thought it was just because it was a black car with a black interior that it looked darker!

        That and I think he thought I was a drug dealer…the car was a Landrover freelander with blacked out windows which looked a tiny bit dodgy…he was quite surprise to find two women inside on their way to a craft fair!

      2. Sure… the “craft fair” is code for drug deal, right? 😛

        It’s amazing how stereotypical people can think with things like that. I suppose criminals do take advantage of it, but I have tinted windows because I hate the sun.

      3. hahah yes of course 😉

        I had tinted windows because they came with the car…we don’t get enough sun really to make that worth while!
        I had no idea they were darker than they were supposed to be…I naively assumed that the car dealer wouldn’t sell illegally tinted windows…

        ahh well…

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