This truly has been a crazy week.

It all started out with my hair-brained idea to get a dog (which – consequently – completely loves my wife and ignores me) which chewed up all of Monday.  Then there was the lack of sleep on Monday and Tuesday along with karate.  Then on Wednesday was the exchange of one puppy for another which took longer than expected due to me having to go back and get his medication.  Thursday involved my wife getting a root canal and me going to karate again.  And Friday will be me traveling to southern Utah to get ready to do a race for my cousin who has cancer.  And that is what will be happening on Friday.

And next week is probably going to be nearly as busy.


I sometimes have wondered what stress does to your body.  I know that it is bad for your heart, blood pressure and other things, but what about your eating habits or even simply how your body digests your food?  Does it make it tougher for your body to utilize your nutrients when you are under stress?  And then what about the effect on your muscles… does stress make it tougher for your muscles to be utilized correctly or heal correctly?  I’m sure that there have been studies about this and I can probably look it up, but these are just some questions that popped into my mind as I realized this has been a pretty hectic week.

I know one big problem with stress is often overeating or even undereating (which is apparently not a word).  I haven’t had that problem as I am still pretty OCD about tracking my calories and watching what I eat.

Come to think of it, I feel pretty darn good despite all that has happened this week.  I am a little more tired than I usually am, my back hurts a bit both from lifting and from karate, and my muscles are sore… but most of that happens EVERY week.  Maybe a lot of the problems because of stress actually have to do with the eating problem and maybe not exercising during that time.  If you are stressing about things, you may not eat correctly (either too much or not enough) and you probably will make excuses or have reasons to not exercise multiple times during the stressful period.  Since I’ve eaten like I normally do and exercised daily, perhaps that is why the stress hasn’t gotten to me too much.

Let’s hope I can keep it up for another busy week.


Breakfast – Garlic eggs in a tortilla
Snacks – Granola and protein bars
Lunch – Tijuana Turkey wrap
Dinner – Grilled chicken and garlic asparagus
Dessert – Oreos


An hour+ of walking at work

2 hours of Kyokushin Karate

5 thoughts on “Day 312… What a Week

  1. Stress does affect weight, I have read something about it, something to do with the stress hormone cortisol and the body not knowing the difference between running away from a mammoth and having a busy day… it makes changes to your metabolism in some way…

    ok…I read about it, but I didn’t take all of it in, I appreciate this reply is not actually as helpful as it could have been…

    1. Haha, it is something I need to check into more. I am sure you’re right that the hormones in your body go crazy with stress and even if you think you are eating normal, your body doesn’t treat it all the same.

      1. That’s about all you can do in this modern world. I don’t have time or money to do all the crazy things other people do. Can’t afford a trainer, don’t have time to do crossfit, and now I’m making excuses again…

      2. cross fit seems awesome but ridiculously expensive!! £80+ per month for membership as opposed to £35 I pay where I am!! and the membership gets me cheap trainer hours!

        I will do crazy up to a point…but it has to be sensible crazy…

        ok…I know sensible crazy makes no sense…shhh!

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