Not In The Mood

This happens to me occasionally. Whether it’s waking up to exercise early, going to the gym after work or going to my karate classes… there are times where I just simply am not in the mood to do it.  Those are the times that I struggle with myself.  I don’t usually have a reason to not do it.  If I were tired, sore, hurt, etc. then I could justify my skipping of the workout.  But Tuesday was simply a day where I did not feel like going to karate.  I wanted to just stay in bed, watch TV and be lazy.  I didn’t feel like going and punching the heavy bag, possibly punching each other, doing pushups and sit ups and whatever else was in store.  I didn’t feel like practicing high kicks that make my hips feel like they are going to pop out of the socket.  Nope… didn’t feel like it at all.

What I did feel like, however, was this gigantic corn dog.

Corn Dog HeavenYou can’t tell me that the thought of this corn dog being in your belly doesn’t give you chills.  I can’t guarantee it is chills of joy or disgust, but I am sure chills are induced.  An 18 inch corn dog stuffed with cheese, jalapenos and bacon.  That’s right… bacon.

Luckily for me, it is located in Arizona.  If I ever decide to go to a Diamondbacks baseball game, or simply go to Arizona for whatever other reason, I am definitely spending my calories on this.

It’s worth the heart attack.

Anyway, despite my lack of enthusiasm for going to karate, I still went.  It was one of those days where I feel bad for my sensai.  He puts this class on for free because he loves the art form enough to do that.  We don’t have a fancy studio or dojo or anywhere that we can definitively go so we are at the mercy of the places we use.  He doesn’t require anyone to be there, doesn’t look down on people who may not show up, and encourages you whether it’s your first time or 100th time.  But when we show up at class and nobody else is there except us, the sensai and his son… it makes you wonder if he really wants to keep spending his time doing this.  I hope he does.  I won’t be able to be at every class, but I certainly will be doing all I can so he isn’t wasting his time.

Since the class was so small we did not do the normal things.  We worked on kata forms for a while which is something that we need to memorize and perfect in order to move up in belts.  Then my wife and I spent time working on the heavy bag with pushups, sit ups and squats between each round while the more tenured students worked on more difficult katas.  After my wife and I were done with ten 2 minute rounds with exercises between them and very short breaks (which meant that we were sweating quite profusely and barely able to move), sensai gave us the option to go home which my wife jumped on whole-heartedly.  I don’t blame her.  Prior to being there I would have gone home happily.  But once I was there, I didn’t mind staying.  But if my boss wants to go home, we go home… and I certainly didn’t argue.

That was the bulk of my Tuesday.  I won’t get into what happened Tuesday night as it involves me being unhappy at all hours of the night with Gidget.  Not her fault, not going to hold it against her, but man I need some sleep.


Breakfast – 3 garlic eggs in a tortilla
Snacks – Protein and granola bars
Lunch – Chicken gyros
Dinner – Chicken patty sandwich and fries


An hour+ of walking at work

An hour of Kyokushin Karate

7 thoughts on “Day 310… Not In The Mood

  1. I have to say…I have no idea what a corn dog is… they have not made it over here! I therefore got not so much chills as confusion…but it was close 🙂

    Well done for going to karate even though you didn’t feel like it…you nearly always feel better for going (and by you…I mean me)

    1. Haha. It’s a hot dog wrapped in cornbread generally. They are delicious!

      I did feel better for going. Today is going to be a rough day for me and I already want to skip my gym workout, but here’s hoping I make it there.

      1. I might have to try one if I ever encounter one…maybe…

        You can make it to the gym!! I made it up at 5:30 to go to my personal training session before work this morning…therefor you can make it to the gym!

        (yes I am aware that these two things are in no way linked…this is beside the point!)

      2. Hopefully you don’t encounter one in a dark alley.

        I made it there! Didn’t want to go, but made it… sometimes my mind loses the arguments to my body.

      3. hahaha a dark alley cornbread sounds moderately terrifying!! To be honest…I make a point of not eating things I encounter in dark alleys…

        yeay! well done for making it there!! 😀 does that mean I have to get up and run early in a morning even on a day when I am not meeting someone?

      4. That’s true. I probably wouldn’t eat anything I find in the alley myself. But cornbread is tough to pass up.

        And no, I won’t hold you to getting up early unless you really, really want to 😛

      5. The problem is…I do want to…at all points except the time when the alarm goes of and then I really really don’t want to at all!!

        although to be fair this is true whatever time the alarm goes off… so in theory an hour and a half earlier shouldn’t make a difference…but it just seems to! 🙂

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